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The members you see above are 100% real members who have just taken their first step into the online dating world. They decided they wanted to change their life for the better and joined us, with absolutely no obligation. Why not join us for FREE today? Absolutely NO obligation to pay anything or even keep your account!

You can close your account at any time if you want singles to stop contacting you. There has been a lot of members who have left as soon as they found their perfect partner. No credit card or any payment is needed to join us and you can start searching our massive database of singles instantly. You only have to upload the details you want to, don't want a picture? That's fine, you choose what you want other members to see. The site is 100% safe and secure - the only way our members can contact you is through our Singles GB site, so there's no need to even give out your phone number or e-mail address (unless you decide to personally give it out to someone who you've gotten to know here). Why not join right now? It's easy and life's too short to keep waiting in the hope you might meet someone by luck.

The world has changed - online dating is more popular than ever!

There's no worry in dating online, everyone is doing it! From rock gods to celebrities and teenagers to christians, everyone is meeting each other other online. The old fashioned hookups and 'luck' meetings are a thing of the past. With the mass usage of Facebook and Twitter, EVERYONE is used to chatting online, so why not date online?. You've now got your own Singles GB chatroom where you can upload your profile, your photos and even create a video profile, you can get chatting straight away and meet like-minded people near you.

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Singles GB is tested every single day, to make sure that it is 100% safe and secure for you, our members. See privacy policy and ownership for more. There's nothing we don't let our members know, we have nothing to hide! All of your personal details are 100% private and never released to anyone. You can meet singles and chat instantly in confidence, then, if you feel you are ready you can arrange to meet up in person. Usually, singles chat for a few weeks before they meet up, to get to know their potential partner first.

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